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Country Cupolas

Cupolas have been used to ventilate and enhance the appearance of homes and other structures for centuries. A variety of designs and sizes are offered featuring copper rooftops, windows or louvers and shiplap or smooth bases in natural or or white vinyl. The wide variety of design options allow you to reflect the character and style for your home or building.

All vinyl cupolas are maintenance free and do not need any painting or staining.

Louvered   Window

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Looking for a high quality hand made woodshop cupola?

Our design or yours. Any size. Any option.

Available fully primed or painted.

Selecting Your Cupolas
In selecting the right size cupola for your building, a good rule of thumb is one and a quarter inches (1.5") of cupola base for every foot of unbroken roof line. The key idea here is the unbroken roof line measurement.

A quick and easy way to visualize what is best for you is to position a cardboard box of similar size to the recommended cupola on your roof and then view it from the ground. We suggest walking around the house and viewing it from various angles.


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